What Welcome Offer Can You Get in Kingdom Games?

What better type of game is there to play than a game where you are the King? These types of games have always been popular with players who enjoy slowly building and growing their own kingdom in a mystical world, and conquering their neighbors.

Rise of Kingdoms could be the ‘king’ of this type of strategic game. The free-to-play game has changed the landscape, and created a game where players of all different skill levels and abilities can meet on a level playing field and still have fun and be competitive. Do you love Kingdoms and games? There are many codes to claim gifts in Rise of Kingdom games. Check this out and get your welcome gifts!

A Welcome Offer Fit for a King!

One of Rise of Kingdoms best features is that it is free to play. This is a bonus itself, as games that are as high-quality as this, with amazing graphics, great music and sound design, as well as intuitive and fun gameplay would normally cost you money.

Even though it is free to play, the game offers you more gifts to help you build your kingdom. There are a number of codes available for new accounts, that can only be claimed in your first 20 days of kingdom building. These can triple your training and building speed, which is extremely valuable as you start the game, and can add to your in-game knowledge base allowing you to build more complex structures.

It’s Easy and Intuitive to Play, But You Should Check a Game Tutorial

If you want to make the most of your kingdom, then you should consult a Rise of Kingdoms game tutorial before you begin building. If you plan your realm, then you will be much more successful.

A welcome bonus from Rise of Kingdoms’ popularity is the wealth of information available on the different strategies available to you, and the different civilizations you have to choose from before you begin playing. Knowledge is power in this game, especially in the early days of your kingdom, and game tutorials that you can find online should be seen as valuable gifts that can help you take your kingdom to the next level.

Knowing How to Redeem Your Gifts is Important

Though there are plenty of codes to unlock all kinds of free gifts and welcome offer in the game, knowing where to find them and how to claim them is the most powerful knowledge that you can learn in the game.

Searching online for Rise of Kingdoms gift codes should yield some good results, and there are a few sites dedicated to keeping up-to-date codes listed for players. When you have a code, click on your avatar icon in the top left corner of the screen. This should open a menu, and from here you can choose settings. In the settings menu, ‘Redeem’ with a gift box icon should be the last option in the menu. An input box will open prompting you to enter your code, and away you go. Now you can expand your kingdom even further and faster than ever before!

Rise of Kingdoms is quickly becoming one of the most popular strategy games online. You can play it pretty much anywhere and at any time, and the number of players online makes sure there is always some competition out there for you to challenge with your empire.

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