5 Games You Should Play Online

Online games are something that millions of people partake in each and every day. It’s a great way to relax, unwind, get that dose of socialization in, and play some really challenging and fun games. With that said, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options out there for people to choose from, which can seem extremely overwhelming. Haven’t found the right game yet? Read this and find the game you shouldn’t miss! Here we’ll highlight the five games you should play online.

Kingdom Rush

If it’s a tower defense style game you’re after and you want to be sure that you don’t pick the run-of-the-mill option, you’re going to want to check out Kingdom Rush. The gameplay itself is incredibly simple, which means you can catch on real quick. The goal is to build archer towers, barracks, and various defensive structures that will allow you to fight off the incoming enemy forces. You can even call in your backup forces to lend a hand.

Kingdom Rush consistently gets a good rating from players and it won’t take you long to become hooked.

Tanki Online

While you aren’t building a kingdom in this game, you are involved in a serious deathmatch. Tanki Online provides you with one simple goal – destroy all other tanks. Of course, there is a whole lot of fun and challenge wrapped up in that goal as you explore different arenas, experiment with upgrades, and learn how to maneuver it just right. There are even game variants so that it stays fresh match after match.


Maybe you’re getting a little tired of the typical tower defense style of game? If that’s the case, then Polycraft could be the ideal game to check out. Explained as Crash Bandicoot meets Zelda, this is a unique offering that will require you to explore dungeons, build bases, and more. This is another great example of a game that consistently gets great reviews from players. You may want to check out a game tutorial before you get started in order to really master this one.

World of Warships

Here’s a game that is about as strategic as it gets when you are planning the before battle. You’ve got four ships that you will be controlling which are destroyers, battleships, cruisers, and aircraft carriers and you can experiment with different modes of play. This one has some great graphics and sounds which elevates the gameplay even more.

EVE Online

EVE Online can be explained in one word – epic. This one really isn’t meant for the beginners out there, rather it is targeted at gamers who have plenty of experience and skill. The story is what really stands out, as it is about as deep and involved as you can get. Taking place in space, it revolves around empires that will rise and ultimately fall thanks to allegiances that are made. This is a multi-player online game which elevates the gameplay even more. The more you get, the more other players will want to take from you.

Plenty of Options to Check Out

So, as you can see, this list is sure to keep you busy with some of the best games online.

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